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GEOGRAPHY NEWS - October - December 2015

Travel and Tourism - London Visit (Park Lane Hilton & Natural History Museum)
It has been a busy half term in Geography, including two trips into London for our A Level students.  17 A Level Travel and Tourism students, undertaking research for their customer service unit, were warmly welcomed by the Park Lane Hilton Hotel. Travelling up 28 floors, in one of the few buildings overlooking Buckingham Palace, they got fantastic views over London before looking around the £4000 a night Royal Suite. A trip to the Natural History Museum followed to conduct data collection through a Mystery Shopper Survey.

Year 13 Geographers - Docklands visit
Our Year 13 students also visited London this month to look at regeneration. The trip included a look around the London Docklands Museum, a quick stop at Trinity Buoy Wharf and a visit to The Crystal sustainability exhibition.

Volcano and Waterfall Models - Year 8 and 9 Geographers
We have been overwhelmed by the quality of the volcano and waterfall models that our Year 8 and 9 students have created as part of their work on volcanoes and rivers this term. The standard has been very high and photos of many of the models can be found on the department website www.geobytes.org.uk and our facebook page (St Ivo School Geography Department).

Year 11 Revision
Our Year 11 students geographers are now focusing their homework effort on revision in preparation for the mocks and we would like to take this opportunity to remind them of the bespoke revision guides which can be purchased from the business centre and the many online supporting resources (including interactive past papers and self check revision cards) available on our blog www.geobytesgcse.wordpress.com.

New Initiatives in the Geography Department
Finally, this term has seen the launch of a number of new initiatives in the department; the launch of our Year 7 and 8 geography club, who have hosted their first ‘geography’ film evening and are now exploring natural disasters; a new sixth form geography ambassadors scheme and a weekly drop in ‘clinic’ to support Year 10 /11 students with homework and revision.

R Chambers
Head of Geography

Eco-Ivo News

Eco-Ivo members have been busy. Firstly, contact has been made with local primary schools and Eco-Ivo sixth formers are going in to schools and giving presentations on Fairtrade and the work done in St.Ivo by Eco-Ivo. Secondly, KS3 and KS4 Eco-Ivo members are ordering trees through the Woodland Trust. They are in negotiations with the school site team and premises manager to plant some saplings where the poplar trees used to be at the entrance to the school.

Finally, a message to all at Christmas time....please save your stamps from your Christmas cards; buckets with Eco-Ivo on are in reception for these. The stamps will be sent to the RSPB to continue the good work they do on bird conservation both locally and around the world. Do have a green and merry Christmas! Please try and buy trees with root balls and use them every year or have an artificial one.


Mrs Morey and the Eco-Ivo Club

The full St Ivo School newsletter for Oct-Dec 2015 can be found here.

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