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     “Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” - Michael Palin

Head of Department - Mr R Chambers

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Year 11

Students have five hours of Geography a fortnight in Year 11.


GCSE Homepage Year10 AQAl GCSE Geography Specification

Revision and Study Support Resources

The department have a number of online resources to support Year 11 in revision for the final GCSE’s - Links to these resources can be found on the department’s online GCSE course on Schoology, which is designed to support all our students in maximising their achievement in the GCSE.


The GCSE course followed by Year 10 students is assessed through three terminal exams (May/June 2019) only. There is no controlled assessment.

Paper 1 - Living with the Physical Environment (35% of GCSE)
1hr 30 exam

Paper 2 - Challenges in the Human Environment (35% of GCSE)
1 hr 30 exam

Paper 3 - Geographical Applications (30% of GCSE) 1hr 15 exam

Questions across all three papers will be a mixture of multiple-choice, short answer, levels of response and extended prose.


GCSE Schoology Course

Exam Preparation 2019 - Resources

Parent/Carer Letter - Feb 2019

Revision Programme Timetable 2019

Revision Advice - Year 11




PiXL Geography App

In Year 11 we teach the content for:

Paper 2: Challenges in the Human Environment
Section A - Urban Issues and Challenges

Section B - The Changing Economic World

Section C - The Challenge of Resource Management

- Resource Management
- Water

Paper 3: Geographical Applications

Section A -  Issues Evaluation
Section B - Fieldwork (Human Enquiry)

(Skills are taught and assessed across

all three units.

Our dedicated Schoology page is frequently updated as we create more revision resources and support for students. Please note further support and reminders are posted on our social media feeds: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

We apologise but regretfully our Schoology page is only accessible to current Year 10 and 11 Geographers at St Ivo School.

Students should see their GCSE Geography teacher for the Schoology course code.