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     “Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” - Michael Palin

Head of Department - Mr R Chambers

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Year 11

Students have five hours of Geography a fortnight in Year 11.


Unit 2 - The Natural Environment

This consist of 4 topics:
Section A (CORE)
1. Coastal Landscapes
2. River Landscapes
3. Tectonic Landscapes

Section A (OPTION)
5. A Watery World

Unit 1 - Geographical Skills Section

Most of the Geographical skills are taught integrally throughout the two year course however we return to these at the end of Year 11 in preparation for the final exam . These include:

Basic Geographical Skills
Cartographic Skills
Graphical Skills
Geographical Enquiry Skills
ICT Skills
GIS Skills

GCSE Homepage Year10 Edexcel GCSE Geography Specification

The department have a number of online resources to support Year 11 in revision for the final GCSE’s - the slideshow below provides a summary of what is available. For links to the resources follow the KS4 blog link below.

Students can purchase the bespoke department revision guides for Units 2 and 3 from the Business Centre (or online through parent mail). All students are given a Unit 1 revision guide and a past papers booklet which forms the homework programme for Year 11.

Past papers can also be found online here.


At the end of Year 11 all students will sit the following three exams:

Unit 1 - Geographical Skills and challenges (1 hour)

Unit 2 - The Natural Environment (1hr 15 mins)

Unit 3 - The Human Environment (1hr 15 mins)

The final 25% comprises of the controlled assessment that students completed during Year 10.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE Blog                       


Exam Preparation 2017 - Resources

Parent/Carer Letter - Feb 2017

Revision Programme Timetable

Homework Timetable

Revision Advice - Year 11

GCSE Revision Blog

The full GCSE course is available on our  Schoology Page for Year 11 Revision with all lesson resources.