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     “Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” - Michael Palin

Head of Department - Mr R Chambers

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AQA A level Geography Specification Sixth Form Geog Forum Year13 Year12

Why follow the AQA AS/A2 specification?

The AQA AS/A2 geography specifications present an exciting and fresh approach to geography whilst at the same time offering a strong foundation in both human and physical disciplines as well as practical skills. It addresses many themes including a concern for the environment and an appreciation of global changes and inequalities.

The specification allows students to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of physical, human and environmental geography whilst enabling students to recognise and explore the interrelationships between physical and human environments in a synoptic context. Fieldwork continues to be a very important aspect of the department’s delivery. There will be a range of opportunities for students to be involved in a very ‘hands-on’ course in which students will participate in both day trips as well as a residential field course in the UK. The department also runs a successful bi-annual visit (the last being South Africa - October 2014).

Entry Requirements

Five GCSE’s grade C and above with a grade B in geography, is the minimum requirement for entry to AS and A2 level courses, together with the recommendation of your GCSE subject teacher.

Assessment and Deadlines

The specification is examined through 4 units each of which has a written examination. Unit modules are sat in either January or June.


Fieldwork plays a very important role in supporting the teaching and learning of any geography course and at St Ivo there is a strong tradition of fieldwork and practical ‘hands-on’ geography which is given a high priority in the department. It can effectively enable students to experience at first hand landscapes, people, places and issues bringing classroom theory to life! We endeavour to provide a wide range of experiences as far as is possible within the time-constraints of an advanced level course. Students are given the opportunity to learn and develop geographical skills, and practice observation and interpretation of geographical features, supporting concepts introduced in the classroom whilst providing an enjoyable experience for all! Indeed in the new AQA syllabus fieldwork is integral to examinations in both the AS and A2 course with units 2 and 3 drawing on student’s fieldwork experiences.

Fieldwork Safety

The school and the department believe that student’s safety is of paramount importance. Thorough risk assessments are undertaken prior to fieldwork and fieldwork is always led by a suitable number of well qualified staff.

Fieldwork Opportunities at AS/A2

We offer the options of:

A week’s residential field work in Snowdonia (Year 12)

River Processes Fieldwork - River Ise (Year 12)

Sand Dune Succession Fieldwork - Holkham Bay (Year 13)

Urban Geography Studies - London Docklands (Year 13)
New York - World Cities (Optional) (Year 13)

Students also have the option to attend lectures in association with the University of Cambridge and the local Geographical Association

Enhancing Geographical Learning with ICT – E-learning support materials

The Geography Department strongly believes that the geography curriculum can be complemented and greatly enhanced with the new online technologies that exist.

As well as access to school facilities for word processing and data manipulation, the department make use of GIS, Google Earth and in particular the latest web based technologies such as blogs and podcasts to support teaching and learning.

This  website, dedicated VI form blogs and materials on Schoology  provide a wide variety of online supporting materials for AS and A2 students as well as useful links to background materials available on the web to consolidate ideas covered in class. There is also a popular twitter feed @StIvoGeogAlevel (protected feed - only for students at St Ivo School).

This year we have also introduced a dedicated sixth form forum to encourage collaboration and provide further support for our students studying A’level.

NEW - A Level Geography  Prospectus for September 2016

The new AS and A Levels in Geography start in September 2016 - please click here for details of the new specs and to read the department leaflet or download it below.

CURRENT SPEC (2015 - 2017)

NEW  AS / A Level from September 2016..

Structure of current spec (current Year 12 / 13)